You've Been Spotted!

We have several talent scouts out and about the streets and beaches of San Diego and if you're reading this, chances are you had a card handed to you about getting some extra cash for showing off your stuff on camera.

Yes, this is real. And YES we will pay you, in cash, same day, for about an hour of your time! Most models receive offers for additional work beyond the initial shoot.

All new models start with a solo (masturbation) scene. This helps us get a feel for your on-camera personality and how well we work together. Some companies call this an "audition." We call it a "Get to Know Ya" shoot.

Here's how it works:

1) Paperwork: We'll get a copy of your IDs to make sure you're 18y/o+ and sign a standard model release form.

2) Photos: About 30-45 minutes of "Playgirl style" photos. Headshots to nudes.

get back dressed, and then...

3) Video: Just a quick 15-20 minute video where you get to introduce yourself, get naked, watch some porn and get a nut. There's porn for you to watch to help keep you in the mood, and it's super low key... just one person there to handle the camera.

4) Pay: You'll be paid in cash right after the shoot. It's easy money for nothin' you aren't already doing at home for free.

After the "Get to Know Ya" shoot, you will very likely get an offer for additional work. After all, you were hand-picked by one of our talent scouts!

If you're interested, just click here and send us a few recent pics and some info about where you were Spotted. You're pre-approved for being our next star!

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